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04/05/19 - More used folding kayaks added
Includes Kleppers, a Pouch RZ85, and a rare LFB Stern WZ60 complete with original sail rig

04/05/19 - More vintage paddles added. Original two piece wooden vintage paddles in various conditions here

20/03/19 - Incredible find! A rare UNUSED 1960's Klepper Aerius II for sale !
Found during a recent house clearance sale - in mint condition. See here - SOLD

19/11/17 - new 'kid on the block' - Neris SMART Series of kayaks. Unique hybrids that can either be paddled as a canoe with bench seats or as a kayak with inflatable floor seats. A cross between a folding kayak and an inflatable kayak. Starting with SMART-2 here

17/11/17 - new range of Greenland paddles added - Gram Kajak paddles. In 2-3 piece in both wood and carbon versions. Appearing on the 'New Paddles' page here

02/03/17 - Product Videos page added. Videos of some of the listed folding kayaks ... see here

Exclusive UK dealer for the following brands:-

We are a specialist team that previously was an exclusive folding kayak brand dealer in the UK with several years experience. We now have added a multi-brand on line store to better serve a growing UK market with a wider range of foldable small craft - from "Klepper" type of kayaks, to lightweight canoes plus related accessories.

Gram Paddles - wood and carbon Greenland paddles

NERIS - foldable alu framed kayaks

WaveDesign - carbon paddles including Greenlands

Wayland Folding Kayaks - traditional foldable wood framed kayaks

ZelGear - inflatable kayaks and catarafts (catamaran rafts)

We also specialise in Klepper spares and rebuilds as well as other brands


Can we paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a license to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Websites page.


MyCanoe 2.5 - A Box in folding, A Canoe in unfolding! 

Origami concept foldable Canadian open 2 man canoe
OurCanoe  - explore outside the box
Explore Outside the Box
*** NOTE - we are currently working on a vastly improved and
streamlined "2.6" version which caters for both casual 'sit and
switch' AND for the serious kneeling solo types of paddlers
- a version that is more suitable for the UK market***

Fold into a box, unfold into a canoe!

MyCanoe 2.5
MyCanoe 2.5 - assembly video
MyCanoe 2.5 PLUS - rowing canoe with row locks and oars
MyCanoe accessories - Stabilisers

Prices - refer to Kayaks & Canoes - New

MyDinghy - see MyDinghy page
Demo Days / Try Out events - see Demo Days
Photos of the MyCanoe 2.5 at UK Try-Outs
Videos of the MyCanoe 2.5 - UK Try-Outs
MyCanoe 2.5 Reviews - Product Reviews page (with links to other independent sites)
MyCanoe OurCanoe packed as a box and bag

MyCanoe 2.5

MyCanoe is "the world’s first origami canoe"
This 14-foot long beautiful Canadian-style open canoe can be folded into a 96cm x 46cm smart suitcase like box, portable and small enough to be stashed into a car boot, stored in campervans and motorhomes, or be taken on coaches, trains and planes. This canoe can make nature more readily accessible for outdoor explorers. This canoe is not intended to be a serious river running type of boat, rather is a touring canoe that is a step up providing a better paddling experience than what you will normally get from inflatable canoes. Use on flat water rivers, lakes and canals, and possibly some low level rapids.

An unique feature that this canoe has that possibly no other canoe has is that the MyCanoe has an adjustable rocker - either have no rocker for straight line touring / power paddling or some rocker (more curved keel) for twisting narrow streams. Difference is between 5-6cm at the bow and stern. The degree of rocker is achieved through the tightening of the webbing straps (4 each side) situated along the top of the gunwales.

MyCanoe is made of a ultra tough 5mm thick polypropylene corrugated plastic cardboard with hinges along the folds, which are durable to withstand up to 20,000 times of folding and unfolding. The whole hull comprises of a single piece of polypropylene with two separate reinforcement floorboard pieces which double up as the outer covers of the suitcase style box when folded.

A patented, award winning, TUV certified, high quality origami concept folding canoe. The custom polypropylene is UV treated to last 15 years.

Folding up (make box) in 5 minutes, unfolding (make canoe) in 10 minutes, the canoe is easy and safe for everyone. Built for longevity. Times are for one person - with two people, it will be quicker!


- Patented design and single seam construction for easy assembly and folding
- Double-layer marine-grade custom manufactured polypropylene hull
- Marine-rated structures and materials
- Touring open canoe for paddling and fishing in rivers and lakes. Available for everyone to paddle
- Easy on performance and storage
- 14 feet long in use, compact box 96cm x 46cm folded
- The simple parts with practice, shortens the assembling process into less than 10 minutes (1 person assembling)
- Wide flat bottom provides good linear speed
- Small enough to fit into most small car boots
- Adjustable seat locations - the seats can be fitted on either side of the four cross ribs, allowing for various seating permutations
- Adjustable rocker - tighten the gunwale straps to create a pronounced rocker - useful for negotiating twisting narrow streams.

- Canoe Type : Canadian open Canoe Style
- Material : 5mm Polypropylene Corrugated Cardboard Plastic
- Folding time (packing away): 5 minutes
- Unfolding time (assemble): 10 minutes
- Connection materials : velcro, buckles
- Components : ABS, Stainless Steel bolt, Aluminu
m cross ribs

Loading Capacity
- Maximum 529lbs / 240kg (2 adults + 2 kids)
- Suggested 440lbs / 200kg - (2 adults + 1 kid)

- 1 x outer one piece canoe 'skin'
- 2 x central floorboards which also doubles up as the outer case of the folded box
- 4 aluminum cross ribs
- 2 seats
- 4 gunwale edging pieces with storage bag
- 1 rubber mallet
- 1 repair kit
- 1 carry bag - for packed canoe. Stores
cross ribs, seats, gunwale edging pieces, mallet, and repair kit

MyCanoe folded - box and bag
Box includes a shoulder strap. Carry bag has some free space for extra items such as PFD's (not included)

Origami folding MyCanoe OurCanoe

Stats - MyCanoe 2.5
Packed bag


MyCanoe 2.5 (4 cross ribs) is the latest improved version which came out earlier this year (2016). MyCanoe 1.0 (6 cross ribs) came out in 2013 / 2014. EG - MyCanoe is NOT a recent kickstarter development, it is a canoe that has been in development / production for several years already.

The MyCanoe 2.5 canoe obtained the German TUV Safety Certification Mark on 11/05/2016
MyCanoe folded as a box
MyCanoe OurCanoe  Canadian style folding origami oru onak canoe
Origami folding oru onak mycanoe canoe OurCanoe
Origami folding mycanoe OurCanoe Origami folding mycanoe OurCanoe





MyCanoe 2.5 assembly

How to assemble MYCANOE2.5 from MYCANOE on Vimeo.


MyCanoe 2.5 PLUS
Origami folding canadian open rowing canoe with row lock fittings
Side plates are fitted to the hull of the canoe and the row locks are simply attached as required. Two piece split oars are included, which can be packed away in the canoe carry bag. The canoe comes with the usual 2 seats - simply fit the seat/s for a 2 paddler or solo rower mode.

MyCanoe PLUS Canadian style folding origami rowing canoe with rowlocks
MyCanoe 2.5 PLUS rowing canoe


MyCanoe 2.5 optional extras / accessories

Stabilisers - MyCanoe 2.5 comes ready with fittings to accept MyCanoe Stabilisers. Included in the MyCanoe Stabilisers Pack is a carry bag, a pump and a pair of inflatable side pontoons.

Use MyCanoe inflatable stabilisers to increase the loading limit of the canoe, and to provide a stable platform - EG stand up for fishing or photography. Use as a SUP with a long oar

The MyCanoe Stabilisers are also compatible to use with the MyDinghy.

MyCanoe Canadian style folding origami canoe with stabilisers

MyCanoe with side pontoons

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