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04/05/19 - More used folding kayaks added
Includes Kleppers, a Pouch RZ85, and a rare LFB Stern WZ60 complete with original sail rig

04/05/19 - More vintage paddles added. Original two piece wooden vintage paddles in various conditions here

20/03/19 - Incredible find! A rare UNUSED 1960's Klepper Aerius II for sale !
Found during a recent house clearance sale - in mint condition. See here - SOLD

19/11/17 - new 'kid on the block' - Neris SMART Series of kayaks. Unique hybrids that can either be paddled as a canoe with bench seats or as a kayak with inflatable floor seats. A cross between a folding kayak and an inflatable kayak. Starting with SMART-2 here

17/11/17 - new range of Greenland paddles added - Gram Kajak paddles. In 2-3 piece in both wood and carbon versions. Appearing on the 'New Paddles' page here

02/03/17 - Product Videos page added. Videos of some of the listed folding kayaks ... see here

Exclusive UK dealer for the following brands:-

We are a specialist team that previously was an exclusive folding kayak brand dealer in the UK with several years experience. We now have added a multi-brand on line store to better serve a growing UK market with a wider range of foldable small craft - from "Klepper" type of kayaks, to lightweight canoes plus related accessories.

Gram Paddles - wood and carbon Greenland paddles

NERIS - foldable alu framed kayaks

WaveDesign - carbon paddles including Greenlands

Wayland Folding Kayaks - traditional foldable wood framed kayaks

ZelGear - inflatable kayaks and catarafts (catamaran rafts)

We also specialise in Klepper spares and rebuilds as well as other brands


Can we paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a license to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Websites page.


Product Reviews
Product reviews and try outs - posted on other sites
MyCanoe 2.5 folding open canoe
Origami folding oru onak mycanoe canoe OurCanoe
- Product review by Mal Grey - Full review posted here on the Song Of The Paddle canoe forum site - 22/09/16

Extracted below is the last part of this comprehensive review


This is an impressive piece of engineering. Its quick to build and pack away, and on the water performs really quite well on still and slow moving water. Tandem, its ready to go if you don’t generally kneel, solo you’ll need to adapt something to make yourself comfortable if kneeling.

I could imagine this being an excellent choice for somebody considering an inflatable, but wanting a canoe that performs like a solid open canoe. As its so quick to build, day tripping would be easy, whereas with my Ally, it takes out quite a chunk of the day. It would also be excellent for folk using a campervan and wanting to take a canoe.

It performs well in many paddling conditions, though I haven’t tested it in strong wind (the light weight would probably mean it being a bit wind-affected, but not badly), waves or moving water.

Its hard to comment on ultimate durability, but its well made, the parts are tough and close fitting, its easily patchable if you manage to puncture it, and the “fabric” is pretty tough. Its not a cheap canoe, and nor does it feel like one, it’s a proper bit of kit and I would expect to get years of stillwater paddling out of it with a little care. For more serious expeditions flying to remoter parts of the world, I am happy that my Ally is the better choice for me; though it doesn’t paddle as well as the MyCanoe, its larger load capacity and rigidity for portaging are something I prefer. I am, though, probably not typical of the sort of customer who would consider this canoe.

If I were wanting it mostly because I didn’t have space at home, had difficulty car-topping the canoe, wanted to travel on public transport in the UK etc, etc, this is a real alternative to inflatables and to other folding canoes. In particular, the way it paddles is in a different league to most of these.

It’s a very clever canoe.

NOTE - The "Ally" mentioned in the review is a folding canoe that has an alu skeleton frame with a one piece PVC skin - typically takes about 20-30 min to assemble.

- Product review by Adrian Oates - Full review posted on the Song Of The Paddle canoe forum site - 23/09/16
(The above two product reviews have now been merged and placed on the same page - 24/09/16)

Extracted below is the last part of this comprehensive review

In summary…

This is NOT a toy boat, this is a serious canoe, that performs as you would expect a canoe to, but it has the added advantages of being nice and light at 24kg, tunable (with the adjustable rocker), plus foldable in 10 minutes – there are not many folding canoes on the market that can boast both all these benefits.

This is not a cheap canoe, but neither is it expensive when you compare it to other folding canoes on the market; the price of £1,300 lies well with similar boats.

For anyone that is fed up with lifting their boat onto the car roof, or having to remove and refit their roof rack, or who hasn’t got a garage to store a rigid boat in, or wants to be able to paddle on the spur of the moment, be they at home, touring the country, or even away on a package holiday elsewhere in the world, a folding canoe like this, has to be a serious consideration – it is so simple to assemble, so light and so flexible, you can take it anywhere – it would certainly make long portages much easier!

I could imagine me making a family trip to Buxton, Sheffield, Newport (Powys), Inverness or even Bergerac in France with one of these in the boot, just waiting for an opportunity to let the family enjoy a day without me… whilst I head off on another adventure, a new lake, river, overnight camp…

If you get the chance, take the MyCanoe for a test drive, but please, leave your pre-conceptions on the bank!

Note that the MyCanoe 2.5 is primarily a two seater canoe and the 2 reviews above was done by canoeists who prefer to paddle solo in a kneeling position. The canoe comes included with 2 clip on seats as standard.

- 2nd product review by Adrian Oates - Full review posted on the Song Of The Paddle canoe forum site - 18/10/16. This review has been appended / added to the two earlier reviews on the same web page)

A short solo paddle in Poole Harbour to see how the canoe handles windy conditions. Conclusion -"....the MyCanoe had performed faultlessly in less than ideal paddling weather....".

- 3rd product review by Adrian Oates - Full review posted on the Song Of The Paddle canoe forum site - 19/10/16. This review has been appended / added to the earlier reviews on the same web page). It was planned to have a partner along to try out in tandem mode, but unfortunately the partner had to pull out at the last moment. So it was a solo paddle try out again.

Videos were taken on this occasion.
On returning to the car park....

".... On landing I met a couple of members of Poole Harbour Canoe Club, who'd been out kayaking - they came over to examine the Origami canoe with great interest - the weight, solidity, price and manner of disassembly were all positively commented on - it was apparent they could see the niche that this boat falls into.

The MyCanoe has happily accepted all of the conditions I have thrown at it and has left me feeling comfortable and secure whilst paddling it. The benefits of having a light folding canoe are tremendous, the more time you paddle the MyCanoe, the more you appreciate them.

The colour of the MyCanoe has been commented on by several people, myself included - possibly just canoeists searching for normality in greens and reds... but I must say, the more photos I take of it, the better I like the unconventional white - it stands out from the crowd and draws plenty of comments....."

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