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04/05/19 - More used folding kayaks added
Includes Kleppers, a Pouch RZ85, and a rare LFB Stern WZ60 complete with original sail rig

04/05/19 - More vintage paddles added. Original two piece wooden vintage paddles in various conditions here

20/03/19 - Incredible find! A rare UNUSED 1960's Klepper Aerius II for sale !
Found during a recent house clearance sale - in mint condition. See here - SOLD

19/11/17 - new 'kid on the block' - Neris SMART Series of kayaks. Unique hybrids that can either be paddled as a canoe with bench seats or as a kayak with inflatable floor seats. A cross between a folding kayak and an inflatable kayak. Starting with SMART-2 here

17/11/17 - new range of Greenland paddles added - Gram Kajak paddles. In 2-3 piece in both wood and carbon versions. Appearing on the 'New Paddles' page here

02/03/17 - Product Videos page added. Videos of some of the listed folding kayaks ... see here

Exclusive UK dealer for the following brands:-

We are a specialist team that previously was an exclusive folding kayak brand dealer in the UK with several years experience. We now have added a multi-brand on line store to better serve a growing UK market with a wider range of foldable small craft - from "Klepper" type of kayaks, to lightweight canoes plus related accessories.

Gram Paddles - wood and carbon Greenland paddles

NERIS - foldable alu framed kayaks

WaveDesign - carbon paddles including Greenlands

Wayland Folding Kayaks - traditional foldable wood framed kayaks

ZelGear - inflatable kayaks and catarafts (catamaran rafts)

We also specialise in Klepper spares and rebuilds as well as other brands


Can we paddle anywhere?
In the UK, you need a license to paddle in most of the waterways, rivers, lakes, etc.
BCU membership (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, Scotland Canoe Association and the Canoe Association of Northern Ireland) includes a license to paddle on 5000km of Britain's waterways and canals.

Not all inland water is open to canoeists, some are privately owned or is bounded by land which is private, so do check beforehand. See Useful Websites page.


Catarafts (New)

A exciting new way to have fun on the rivers with a paddling partner. Designed for whitewater, they are equally at home for flat water touring down rivers with camping kit secured onboard! An alternative to Packrafts and small plastic kayaks.

Prices compare reasonably well against similiar sized river rafts, with many extra benefits. Weighing much lighter and packing into small backpacks, these catamaran rafts are very nimble, faster, and safe on the water. Fitted with the required restraints / seats for 2 paddlers, the Cats can carry passengers seated along the middle of the craft.

SportCat-2 on a multi-day river tour in Sweden

SportCat-2 shooting rapids in Canada

TourCat-2 shooting rapids in Migei River, eastern Europe


Boat Length Width Main tube dia
Packed Weight

Price excl P&P

Approx Delivery time

ZelGear TourCat-2

MyCanoe origami folding canoe

Very suitable as a river touring raft with storage space for camping kit (or with extra passenger seated on rear floor), and use on flat water and on rivers Grades 1-3. With sufficient experience with this Cat, Grades 4-5 can be tackled.

Paddlers are seated on top of the main tubes with both legs in the raft. Anchoring points - foot cups & removable thigh straps

The cataraft design makes river touring much easier than the heavyweight rafts which has a fair bit of drag. Another advantage over rafts of similiar size is the total carrying weight is so much lighter and has a more compact backpack.

2 (+2)

1 backpack bag
100 x 55 x 25cm



Valmex (Germany) PVC 850 g / m2

PU will be available later in the year

4 weeks

ZelGear SportCat-2

MyCanoe origami folding canoe

Technical white water and river touring cataraft. Light and very nimble. Kneeling seats allows for advanced paddle strokes and provides ability to raise the bow as needed. Paddlers will be able to reach out further with the paddle, far more than any other type raft.

Main tubes are flat-topped.

The kneeling style may require rests at intervals. EG stretch legs if unaccustomed to kneeling for long periods. Saddle seat design holds up your body weight, reducing knee and ankle compression

With sufficient experience on this craft, river grades 4-5 can be mastered.

The deck width by the knees is rather narrow, so if you are XXL and very tall, please discuss available options. Existing kneeling seat is comfortable for paddlers up to 250lbs / 113kg and 6'6" / 2m

2 (+1)

1 backpack bag
90 x 50 x 23cm



Valmex (Germany) PVC 850 g / m2

PU will be available later in the year

4 weeks

ZelGear VectoR-2

MyCanoe origami folding canoe

An improved version of the SportCat-2.

- New main floatation tubes shape

- Kneeling seat redesigned and sitting position lowered, with integrated drop stitch platforms

- New design toe / foot rests

- Extra comfort seat for when not kneeling

2 (+1)

1 backpack bag
90 x 50 x 23cm


Valmex (Germany) PVC 850 g / m2

PU will be available later in the year

From April / May 2017

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